We are a talent accelerator focused on helping young people build an unfair advantage.

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Our Vision

Young people have a tough decision to make: go to college, stay in high school, or get a job. When someone is 16 or 17, they cannot possibly be expected to make the decision on what career they want to pursue for the rest of their life.

Slingshot is a community of inspirational and dedicated young people who are working towards exciting projects. We help people who are on a trajectory for success, but need some additional support to develop their “unfair advantage”, and achieve their full potential.

The current education system sets people up for a career where their unique talents are not fully utilized, and leads to the feeling people have not accomplished their goals. We are here to change that, and help young people solve tough problems and do what they want.


The Slingshot program is broken down into three parts.

The first month will be focused on the initial introduction to mentors, and learning about how to build a personal network. During this time we will also host frequent Office Hours and hands-on workshops with experts to introduce Fellows to the program and the nuances of the tech industry.

The second month will be all about building critical career skills, from resume building, to presenting yourself at a technical interview. This will feature in-depth talks from our experts accompanied by frequent mentorship opportunities to help you refine your personal pitch.

The program culminates in a Demo Day where Fellows will present their personal deck and portfolio to an audience of experts and prospective employers, giving them the chance to request introductions to employers and show them their "unfair advantage" in action.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply to Slingshot?

We are looking for passionate young people aged 12-21 to apply to Slingshot from anywhere around the world.

What do I get if I am selected?

Here are a few benefits of joining the Slingshot community:

Access to the 10-week program including hands-on workshops about career development, office hours with industry professionals, and peer-support groups.Mentorship from inspirational individuals who will share their stories.Introductions to prospective employers and comprehensive interview practice.Resources to help you explore your desired career area further (GCP credits, Segment startup program, etc).Be part of a community of dedicated young innovators, forever.
What sets Slingshot apart from traditional accelerators or programs for young people?

We are focused on “slingshotting” your career growth rather than project goals. We will help you develop your unfair advantage, but we will also be providing in-depth coaching on career development and building your interview and pitching skills.

We want to help you build a community of people who can provide you with the resources you need to succeed. We care about you being able to pitch yourself, rather than what your title is if you are working on a project (CEO, founder, etc).